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Myślę, więc mówię. Tekst - Dyskurs - Szyftery - Gatunki mowy

Title in English I think therefore I speak. Text - Discourse - Shifters - Genres of Speech


Year of publication 2006
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The main topic of the work is the discourse, its characteristics and place in the context of contemporary linguistics. In the first part the author deals with the concepts of a text and discourse from the historical perspective. The author points out the pragmatic definitions of a text, which he regards to be the stepping stone in the process of transition from its static conception to the dynamic one, i.e. to the discourse. The discourse is defined here as a unity of a text, situation and the human factor. In the second part the author analyses the phenomenon of the self-reference of a discourse. The source is Peirce’s semiotics and Jakobson’s conception of the shifters. The areas of interest are the categories of person, especially pers. pronouns, tense and space, and modus. The third part deals with the problems of typology and classification of discourse. The author regards Bachtin’s concept of the speech genre to be the basis of a universal classification of communicative acts.
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