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Microbial Zoonoses and Sapronoses



Year of publication 2011
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Science

Description The book can be used by students of human and veterinary medicine, including Ph.D. students, and for biomedicine scientists and medical practitioners. Serious human diseases and sapronoses still appear that are either entirely new, newly recognized, resurging, increasing in incidence, spatially expanding, with a changing range of hosts and/or vectors, with changing manifestations or antibiotic resistance. The collective term for those diseases is (re)emerging infections, and as much as 75% of them represent zoonoses and sapronoses (the rest are anthroponoses). Short characteristics are given of infectious and epidemic process, the role of environmental factors, epidemiological surveillance and control. Emphasis is laid on ecological aspects (haematophagous vectors and vertebrate hosts; habitats of the agents; natural focality of diseases). Individual diseases are briefly characterized (taxonomy; source of human infection; transmission mode; human disease; diagnostics; therapy; geographic distribution).

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