Martin Maryška


About Me

Person-Related Identification Information
  • Mgr. MgA. Martin Maryška
  • Department of Aesthetics (PhD candidate)
    Faculty of Arts
    Masaryk University
    Brno, Czechia
Education and Academic Qualifications
  • 2011, Mgr., Master of Arts (MA, postgraduate)
    Masaryk University in Brno — Faculty of Arts
    Aesthetics and European Culture Studies
    Thesis: Strategies of Visual Expression – Theatre Graphic Design of the Goose on the String Theatre

  • 2009, MgA., Master of Arts (postgraduate)
    Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts – Theatre Faculty
    Theatre (Art) Management
    Thesis: Project Management Implementation in a Cultural Institution (Moravian Gallery in Brno)

Featured Projects/Employment
  • Visegrad-Turkey Culture Festival, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, 2016—2018. International cultural cooperation among Visegrad Consulate Generals and Embassies, V4 diaspora organisations and multiple leading cultural institutions in Turkey.
  • Gama Gallery, Istanbul, 2013—2016. Curator / Curatorial assistance, exhibition production, graphic design. An emerging art gallery hired me to assist with curatorial support (writing reviews and texts), exhibition concept planning, visual presentation, and representation at art fairs.
  • Moravian Gallery in Brno, 2008—2010. Project manager (Project Office) / Project management methodology implementation and support. Based on my MA thesis, I was invited to launch a Project Office, implement project management methodology, and deliver innovative projects (e .g. setting up volunteering program); participation in exhibition production, EU projects, fundraising support.

    Selected Exhibition Projects

  • Body, Spirit, Revolt — Performance, Photography, Concept, Contemporary Art from Central Europe, Istanbul, Izmir, 2018. In cooperation with Lenka Klodová, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology.
  • Fantastic Invention, Film Posters from Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland, Istanbul, Izmir, 2015, 2016. In cooperation with Moravian Gallery in Brno.
  • Mysliveček 4D — Poster, Space, Play, Exhibition of 4D Posters by Boris Mysliveček. Brno, 2010. In cooperation with Brno House of Arts.
  • Theatre graphic design
  • Visual communication of theatres
  • Theatrical/visual semiotics; investigated on Czech theatre publicity, posters and playbills.

    Teatrografie or All Around Theatre

  • Teatrografie (theatrography) is a new term coined by Czech scholar and publisher Jan Dvořák in his essay on Czech theatre maker Jan Schmid (DVOŘÁK 2006). It is suggested to cover all the visual around the theatre.
  • The visual expands from the stage to space by means of playbills, indoor decoration (e.g. bar or toilets), a design of foyer, front door signs, marquees, flyers, front door architecture, outdoor advertising, visuals in press, web, Facebook visual etc.
  • My research is aimed to investigate how the visual communication of theatres is integrated into the overall theatrical communication with their audiences. It goes beyond the limited marketing focus and advocates for theatrography to have a value for research in theatre studies beyond its role as a mere source of documentary meta-information. In the original meaning, “theatrography” means exactly this: a mere list of a theatre’s or theatre maker’s productions.
  • Ask for more from posters! Posters may work as a part of general theatrical communication, have a quality of a paratheatrical activity, and help understand theatrical semiotic complexity.
Akademické stáže, studijní nebo pracovní pobyty
  • National Museums Liverpool (UK), 2009. 3 month-long internship / Urban History Dpt.: work of assistance on the Museum of Liverpool collection survey, collaboration on content development of design exhibits; Exhibition Dpt.: work of assistance applied to museum gallery exhibition projects; Project Office: contribution to joint project methodology, work of support to ongoing projects
  • 2019/06/03 – 2019/06/14: Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich, Other programs, CHE
    • An independent research at Zürcher Hochschule für Künste on Swiss graphic design. Research themes/objectives: Swiss graphic design, its past and present; Swiss reception of 70–80s Czechoslovak graphic design; researching poster collection of Museum für Gestaltung, theatrical visual communication of Zurich theatres (Theater am Neumarkt, Opernhaus Zürich, Rote Fabrik etc.); meeting with scholars and designers (Jonas Vögeli, Bettina Richter, Dario Zuffo, Daniel Volkart, Wendelin Hess, Jacques Borel, Julia Kamperdick, Ralph Schraivogel etc.); attendance at the graduation project of Zürcher Hochschule für Künste.
Activities Outside University
  • Scenological Society (Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague)
  • Czechs and Slovaks in Istanbul, 2014—2017 (Chair)
  • Czech-Turkish Culture and Trade Society


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