Postdoc position in Cilia Biology

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28. 2. 2022
Jully 2022
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Medical Faculty of Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic invites excellent scientists to apply for

Postdoc position in Cilia Biology


The Department of Histology and Embryology is an educational and research workplace at the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University, Brno, the Czech Republic. The Department provides courses on all aspects of normal structure and development of human tissues and organs to students of General medicine and Dentistry.  The Department is recognized as premier place in the country for research mainly focusing on human pluripotent stem cells, their biology, and applications in biomedicine.

We are seeking a talented and motivated candidate to join a research team headed by Dr. Lukáš Čajánek (

The selected candidate will have an opportunity to pursue molecular mechanisms controlling the formation of primary cilia and functional aspects related to their defects in human cells (e.g. hTert-RPE-1). Emphasis will be put on identification and characterisation of novel cilia regulators.

The primary cilium (PC) is an antenna-like organelle present on the surface of most cells. Whilst it was originally described as a vestigial organelle, recent years have indisputably proven its status as a seminal structure for sensing various extracellular stimuli. PCs govern many important aspects of embryonic development as well as tissue homeostasis in adulthood. Consequently, deregulation of PC assembly, maintenance or function is linked to numerous human diseases, collectively termed ciliopathies.

The successful candidate will have access to state-of-the-art methodology and instrumentation (proteomics, gene editing, lentiviral transduction, live imaging and high-resolution microscopy, etc.).

Relevant literature:

Bernatik O, Pejskova P, Vyslouzil D, Hanakova K, Zdrahal Z, Čajánek L. Phosphorylation of multiple proteins involved in ciliogenesis by Tau Tubulin kinase 2. Mol Biol Cell., 2020.

Pejskova P, Reilly ML, Bino L, Bernatik O, Dolanska L, Ganji RS, Zdrahal Z, Benmerah A, Čajánek L. KIF14 controls ciliogenesis via regulation of Aurora A and is important for Hedgehog signaling. J Cell Biol., 2020.

Čajánek L, Nigg EA. Cep164 triggers ciliogenesis by recruiting Tau tubulin kinase 2 to the mother centriole. PNAS, 2014.

Bhogaraju S, Čajánek L, et al. Molecular basis of tubulin transport within the cilium by IFT74 and IFT81. Science, 2013.

The successful candidate should:

  • be a researcher who has received a PhD or its equivalent within the last 7 years;
  • be a researcher who has worked at least 2 whole years in the last 3 years outside the territory of the Czech Republic in the field of research with a working time of at least 0.5 full-time equivalent, or who has been PhD student (or equivalent) abroad;
  • have a publication record – in the last 3 years at least 3 publication outputs (“articles”) above the field median (at least 2 of them in Q1) registered in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science.

Specific criteria - the successful candidate should:

  • have defended a PhD thesis  in cell biology,  molecular biology, or similar fields;
  • have strong research experience and solid publication record  in well recognized scientific journals, including at least one first-author publication;
  • be skilled in mammalian cell culture, broad range of molecular biology techniques, and advanced microscopy (advantage);
  • prove the interest to tackle scientific challenges, independent planning of experiments to explore given hypotheses and technical skills to carry on the experimental work;
  • have the ability to prioritize tasks and responsibilities and independently solve project-related issues;
  • have good communication and  documentation skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a  team;
  • be highly motivated and self-driven.

The applicant shall submit:

  • a CV including a list of publication activity;
  • a motivation letter, including an outline of the previous research themes of the candidate;
  • contact information of at least two references (name, position, telephone number);
  • a diploma (recognition for diplomas from foreign institutions);
  • documents proving the candidate has worked at least 2 whole years in the last 3 years outside the Czech Republic and/or PhD diploma from a foreign institution.

MU offers the opportunity to get:

  • an interesting job in a dynamically-expanding university area;
  • diverse and challenging work in an excellent research environment;
  • initial appointment for 2 years;
  • a professional team and pleasant working conditions;
  • interaction with leading scientists in an inspiring, internationalised environment;
  • full support of the administrative and project offices;
  • support of the Welcome office for the successful applicant and his/her family.

Anticipated start date: The position is available from July 2022, with an initial contract for 1-2 years.

The submission deadline is 28. 2. 2022 

How to apply:
Please use the "E-Application" link below. After submitting your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation of acceptance via email. For more information, please contact Martina Vráblíková at

A review of applications will commence immediately after the deadline. Short-listed candidates will be invited for interview within one month of the deadline.

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