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Critical Exploration of Media Related Risks and Opportunities for Deliberative Communication: Development Scenarios of the European Media Landscape (MEDIADELCOM)

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3/2021 - 2/2024
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Evropská unie
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Fakulta sociálních studií
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Tartu Ülikool

Rapid media transformations have brought along new opportunities and also risks for deliberative communication, which is an important precondition for social cohesion in multicultural Europe.Today, discrete risks discourses - a consequences of rapid media transformations - have caught attention of academia as well as of politicians: fake news and information disorder, echo-chambers, hate speech, power of platforms and algorithms etc. Concurrently there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of tensions between news production and consumption, functionality of legal regulation and accountability as well as the media competencies. MEDIADECO in the first instance provides a holistic approach for comprehension risks and opportunities accompanying fast transformations that affect the four interrelated areas: news production, news consumption, legal and ethical considerations that provide normative frames as well as media-related competencies. Secondly, it is little known about how different European countries are knowledgeable about particular risks/opportunities configurations. MEDIADECO goes beyond universal risk monitoring (e.g. risks to the freedom of speech) in different European countries and will elaborate multiple scenarios which take into consideration the diachronic development paths of different national media and actors. In order to fulfill this task MEDIADECO also will analyse the national media research that have any input on ROs analysis; capability of national media research and data processing - the role of national statistics agencies as well as the status and role of academic institutions. MEDIADECO provides answers to how it would be efficient to support knowledge-based media policy. In sum, MEDIADECO provides answer to the question raised by the call - transformations of media landscapes, social cohesion and tensions between global and local - by providing policy makers a tool (scenarios) that enable to understand that complexities and importance of public communication in comparative Europe.

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