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Binary Systems Within Star Clusters


PAUNZEN Ernst STUETZ Christian BAUMANN Bernhard

Rok publikování 2012
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Přírodovědecká fakulta

Obor Astronomie a nebeská mechanika, astrofyzika
Klíčová slova astronomical data bases: miscellaneous; catalogs; open clusters and associations: general; binaries: spectroscopic
Popis WEBDA ( is a site devoted to observational data of stellar clusters in the Milky Way and the Small Magellanic Cloud. It is intended to provide a reliable presentation of the available data and knowledge about these objects. The success of WEBDA is documented by its worldwide usage and the related acknowledgements in the literature: more than 650 refereed publications within the last twelve years acknowledged its use. It collects all published data for stars in open clusters that may be useful either to determine membership, or to study the stellar content and properties of the clusters. The database content includes astrometric data in the form of coordinates, rectangular positions, and proper motions, photometric data in the major systems in which star clusters have been observed, hut also spectroscopic data like spectral classification, radial velocities, and rotational velocities. It also contains miscellaneous types of supplementary data like membership probabilities, orbital elements of spectroscopic binaries, and periods for different kinds of variable stars as well as an extensive bibliography. Several powerful tools help to plot, query and extract the data, which can be directly retrieved via http. At the time of writing, about four million individual measurements have been included in the database. The Star Clusters Young & Old Newsletter (SCYON), a hi-monthly newsletter devoted to star cluster research with about 600 subscribers, is hosted in parallel with the database.
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