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Modern Analysis of Biological Data. Generalized Linear Models in R


PEKÁR Stanislav BRABEC Marek

Rok publikování 2016
Druh Odborná kniha
Popis The book is focused on regression models, specifically generalized linear models (GLM). It is intended for biology students and scholars and requires only basic statistical knowledge, gained e.g. in an one-semester course of biostatistics. The text includes a minimum of statistical theory and eighteen real examples from biology. Each example consists of a description of a problem, aims, development of statistical models, analysis, diagnosis, and conclusion. Analysis is performed using R. All examples were selected to show a variety of problems and potential pitfalls that can arise during statistical analysis. At the same time, examples show how to think about the statistical models and how to use them. Analyses can be practised by readers using the data that come with the book.
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