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Cystatins of the parasitic nematodes from the genus Trichinella: serodiagnostic assays based on the xMAP-technology.

Název česky Cystatiny parazitických hlístic rodu Trichinella: sérodiagnostické testy založené na xMAP technologii.


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Popis Roundworms of the genus Trichinella are clinically important parasites invading cells of the small intestine and skeletal muscles. They infect a broad range of hosts involving birds, reptiles and mammals. Seven of twelve genotypes of Trichinella spp. are zoonoses causing the trichinellosis - a serious human disease. During the life cycle, these parasites release variety of functional molecules, which are mainly present in excretory-secretory (E-S) products. They are essential for many biological processes like migration, digestion, development, and also in manipulation of the host immunne system. The dominant components of the E-S products are cystatins - reversible inhibitors of cysteine peptidases of C1 (papain-like) family and rarely of C13 (legumain-like) family. All the representatives of cystatin superfamily are evolutionary related and share some sequential and structural identity. Our work is focused on the characterization of "multi cystatin-like domain" (mcd-1) genes and proteins of Trichinella spiralis and T. pseudospiralis. The complete sequences of genes were obtained and recombinant analogs of MCD-1 proteins were prepared in Escherichia coli expression system. Currently, the recombinant MCD-1 molecules are used also in regard to develop the reliable molecular method useful for serological quantitative and qualitative diagnostics of Trichinella. We employed the xMAP technology - novel diagnostic platform based on magnetic microspheres and a signal evaluation by MAGPIX device.
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