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Typology of intergenerational learning among teachers.

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Název česky Typologie mezigeneračního učení mezi učiteli


Rok publikování 2016
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Filozofická fakulta

Popis The goal of the paper is to use micro-level analysis of intergenerational learning (IGL below) situations to develop a typology of IGL among teachers, in order to increase our understanding of individual IGL situations as well as contribute to understanding IGL among teachers as an integral phenomenon. The paper first discusses possible approaches to IGL typology creation and then introduces a specific IGL typology based on qualitative research among basic and secondary school teachers in the Czech Republic. The research was opened by participant observation of more and less structured teacher encounters. The observation enabled creating a structure for one-to-one and group interviews, which was additionally adjusted. Selecting respondents, we aimed to account for their various degrees of involvement in IGL processes, generational variety and variety in terms of organizational structure. Data from 22 individual and group interviews was analyzed at three levels (open coding designed to identify IGL situations; situation analysis using content, interaction and incentives analysis; grounding the emerging typology in data). The typology we present identifies four IGL types based on their specific features in terms of content and interaction. Five types of intergenerational learning interactions were specified, distinguishing whether they are overt (transmission, imitation, experience) or covert (participation, perception). A second criterion for defining IGL types was the way the learner handled the learning content in question, namely whether they were trying to accept or adjust it. These specifics at the level of content and interaction helped us to define four types of intergenerational learning: accepting IGL, transforming IGL, exploratory IGL and inspiration-driven IGL. The paper concludes with a discussion of potential benefits of viewing IGL through the typology presented.
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