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Das deutsche Problem in der nachkriegsdeutschen Literatur und der Geschichtswissenschaft

Název česky Německý problém v poválečné německé literatuře a historiografii


Druh Odborná kniha
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The book is a contribution to the literary-historical analysis of political-literary Germany debates in the Federal Republic, provided that it analyzes how in the years 1960 - 2010 in (West) Germany, the German was reflected. It is devoted to both representative public speeches of politicians, philosophers and many literary figures, as well as the fundamental historical debate such as the Fischer controversy, the Historikerstreit and the Goldhagen debate. From the point of view of Germany's problems, the extensive and complex works of G. Grass, M. Walser, H. M. Enzensberger and B. Strauss are also discussed. Thus, the book does not only address the history of literature, but also the development of post-war political culture; However, their discourses are interpreted beyond familiar left-to-right schemata, giving rise to a different story of reflected German speech. What weighs less in it are programmatic positions of the actors or respective winners of the debates, more the mediating strategies, the carriers of which get between the fronts. Bringing such mediators and intellectual-minded intellectuals to the fore, this book explores a field that has hitherto been under-exposed, rather bypassed by the well-trodden paths of the post-war mainstream.

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