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Into the woods: Interdisciplinary research of the oppidum Bibracte (Mont Beuvray, France)



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Popis Oppidum Bibracte (Mont Beuvray) is a well known archaeological site situated in central France (region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté). The site is protected by a fortification of the murus gallicus type, enclosing an internal area of 135 hectares, or an external area of 200 hectares respectively. Czech research team of the Department of Archaeology and Museology (DAM), Masaryk University has been participating in the research since 2009. Since 2011 we began to carry out geophysical survey with intention of receiving valuable knowledge about areas where excavations are planned in near future. New and relevant information about the character of particular areas of the oppidum is a great benefit for the planning and archaeological research itself. Survey and excavation activities are aimed to the interpretation of space organisation and urbanisation at the oppidum. So far, almost 20ha were surveyed from which about 80 % fall within magnetic survey.Excavation activities of DAM focused in 2009-2016 on different parts of the oppidum. In 2017 our research concentrated on the area of La Chaume, on the highest part of the oppidum, where geophysical survey detected long line structure.