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Karl Mannheim : Sociological Reflections on Intellectuals and the Crisis of Liberalism in Central Europe



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Popis Karl Mannheim is not only an exemplary Central European intellectual and hybrid border crosser; he also developed a variety of sociological concepts, such as world-view, generation and intelligentsia, which are particularly useful to describe the role of intellectuals and the crisis of liberalism in Central Europe in the first half of the 20th century - and maybe even the crisis Europe is facing today. Born into a Jewish-bourgeois family in Budapest in 1893, Mannheim studied in Hungary, Germany and France. In 1919, after the conservative counter-revolution in Hungary, Mannheim left for Germany, where he obtained his habilitation in Heidelberg in 1926 and became a salaried professor in Frankfurt in 1930. Only three years later, in 1933, he was forced to leave Nazi Germany for London, where he died prematurely in 1947 at the age of 53. This essay not only portrays Mannheim as a border crosser, but also problematizes the concept of Central Europe as an intellectual and cultural space.