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Rok publikování 2016
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Perceptions of Thai and European Student-Teachers toward their Teaching Styles
Klíčová slova Perceptions, Student-teachers, Teaching styles
Popis Undeniably, one of the crucial factors can contribute to students’ academic achievement is the characteristics of teachers in relation to their styles of teaching (Mazumder, Q. & Ahmed, K., 2014). This notion is supported by Shaari, A. et al. (2014); they stated that one of the main agendas that any educational institution aims to achieve is student academic excellence, where such anticipatory attainment depends not only on students, but also on pedagogical styles of teachers. Considering its importance, teachers’ teaching styles then become the focus of this study. The present study aims to identify Thai and European student-teachers’ perceptions toward their teaching styles to determine the similarities and/or differences in the perceptions of their pedagogical styles across geographical and cultural settings. 38 student-teachers, 19 from each of the different geographical groups, performed a self-assessment regarding their teaching styles using a questionnaire proposed by Grasha (1996). Statistical analysis was then carried out, and the data were presented in percentage form. The results show that, with regard to their teaching characteristics, Thai and European student-teachers identified themselves differently; they were incredibly different without remark.
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