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Why not use public transport: arguments against beyond the car

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Rok publikování 2018
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Popis Automobility itself has constituted an overwhelming feature of life strongly embedded in everyday practices, mobility habits and identities of individuals and thus has influenced many aspects of modern urban societies for several last decades. It seems, however, at least according to some notions and evidences that the era of total domination of passenger car is currently fading away and some type of a post-car, peak car or beyond the car development is emerging. This advancement is fairly complex and may be connected to various aspects of post-modern societies, for example some scholars speak about the needed changes in the physical urban context including its densification and supply of better public transport services as an essential tool to support the less intensive use of cars. The basic aim of this paper is to approach the issue of mutual relations between car and public transport more critically. We suppose, therefore, the car cannot be replaced by the public transport easily because automobile transport has certain unique advantages and perception of public transport is influenced by many often tiny disadvantages and dis-conveniences ascribing to it. We will discuss this topic from the specific point of view of the Czech story of automobility and we will use detailed results of mixed research design combining the semi-structured interviews with quantitative situational analyses. The particular aim is thus to offer arguments against the concept beyond the car through a deeper understanding of the meaning of a car in a post-socialist society.
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