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What does it mean to change mobility mode? Consequences and impacts of the shift in car/public transport use on daily life in Brno (the Czech Republic)

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Rok publikování 2019
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Popis As the automobility has heavily penetrated the daily time-space routines of urban population, the research on its imprints on social life becomes highly relevant. Its influence is, however, not universal over the world as there are multiple automobility development trajectories conditioning various spatial and temporal arrangements of urban patterns. Moreover, public transport is often seen as an alternative for daily-routine mobility. The topic of automobility and its relations with public transport is discussed here from the specific post-socialist perspective of the Czech Republic, the Central European country, while using the city of Brno as a case study. The aim of this paper is to critically address the issue of mutual relations between car and public transport as both of them have many unavoidable and often tiny (dis)advantages. The research is focused on the experience of people who recently gained/lost competence to drive or use a car. The conducted analysis is empirically based on the detailed results of semi-structured interviews. The changes of spatio-temporal routines and related aspects of human behaviour can be thus revealed and interpreted as a consequence of a recent experience with the modal change. Its broader geographic contextualization thus offers a unique opportunity to better understand the pros and cons of investigated transport modes. The findings indicate that the car cannot be replaced by the public transport easily even in a place with very effective system of public transport (Brno, Czech Republic) mainly due to specific spatial and time contexts where the car seems to be irreplaceable.
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