Informace o publikaci

Character learning as a possible factor in the change of individual cognitive style


LU Wei-lun

Rok publikování 2019
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání

Popis The proposed research aims to investigate the relation between second language learning (especially the writing system), culture and cognition. We aim to investigate the possible influence of learning a character-based writing system on the cognitive style of an individual. The hypothesis to test is whether learning a character-based writing system from East Asia will induce change in visual attention distribution of a Western learner, whose first language is based on a romanized writing system. We aim to recruit learners of the Chinese language from the Czech Republic (and its neighboring regions) as the subjects and will compare them with learners of a similar background learning another second language using a romanized writing system.