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Verordnung aus dem Jahr 1638 oder wie sich Herr Cantor, Organist undt Musici (…) zu St. Stephan [in Wien] zu verhalten haben



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Popis Instructions and regulations often provide a unique insight into processes and commitment divisions within institutions. Moreover, they also provide information about financial matters of church musicians. It is no different in the case of the order and instruction for music employees at the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna, which dates back to 1638. In order to be able to interpret the regulations, the location of the cathedral music at the beginning of the 17th century is first briefly described, after which the conditions determined in the regulation and the structure of the music ensemble are treated. In the instruction also the usual services were regulated, whereby important information about the church music everyday life in the Viennese Stephansdom can be determined. The details contained in the ordinance supplement our knowledge about the music scene in the parish church of St. Stephan. All these aspects should contribute to socio-historical music research in the Central European area.
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