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Information Literacy of Masaryk University Students and Evaluation of Campus-Wide Course



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Konference Information Literacy in Everyday Life
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Klíčová slova Czech republic; Information literacy; Online course; Research; Tertiary education
Popis Improvement students’ information literacy should be an integral part of their university education. Online courses are used to educate hundreds of students. This paper presents knowledge and skills assessment of Masaryk University students in information literacy and its improvement after their completion of an online Course of work on information. We found improvement in both self-assessment and objective assessment in different media and information literacy competencies (access, evaluation, and creation of information). Results show topics that should be highlighted in the course because of weak results in pretests (library services, narrowing of a topic, self-presentation, and visualization). The correlation between self-assessment and objective assessment was found in eight of the twelve thematic areas. All topics had statistically important improvements of results. The smallest differences showed parts of the e-course that can be focused in order to improve the course including search query, search engines, suitability of the information resource, and social networks.