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kol. autorů: Multidimensional Social Exclusion in Later life: Briefing Paper and a Roadmap for Future Collaborations in Research and Policy. In: K. Walsch and T. Scharf (series eds.). ROSEnet Briefing Paper Series: No. 6. CA 15122 Reducing Old-Age Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy.



Rok publikování 2020
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sociálních studií

Popis Social exclusion of older people is a critical issue for public policy, today and into the future. With 101 million older people in Europe, and a projected increase in this population to 149 million by 2050 (Eurostat 2017), demographic ageing will fundamentally determine our capacity to achieve the stated goal of a strong social Europe. Social exclusion is a direct detractor of this goal within European ageing societies. It undermines the efforts of member states to achieve gains in healthy life years and European Union (EU) objectives concerning active ageing. As old-age social exclusion not only impacts individuals, but their families, communities and broader societies, it exacerbates issues concerning social and welfare system effectiveness. It also impedes the promotion of inclusivity and social fairness for a population that will account for 40 per cent of our European community within 30 years (Eurostat, 2015). Given the multifaceted ways in which it can permeate society, old-age exclusion will in effect serve as a barrier to the implementation of the EU Pillar on Social Rights. The purpose of this Briefing Paper is to raise awareness of and promote action on old-age social exclusion. We will begin by defining what old-age exclusion is, followed by a short discussion of the areas that social exclusion impacts in older age. Based on state-of-the-art research knowledge, and drawn from the work of ROSEnet members and the wider scientific community, we present eight policy messages, along with measurement, policy and research actions required for their achievement. Finally, we gather together these actions to present a roadmap to reduce multidimensional social exclusion in later life.