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Visit Bohemian Venice – the City of Fairy Tales or How to Sell a Small Town?

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Rok publikování 2022
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Popis The city of Telč is one of the Unesco sites in the Czech Republic situated in its southern part. It is a small town with no more than 5 thousand inhabitants. The UNESCO is protecting the urbanism of the old city – mainly the square and the renaissance castle. Thanks to its history, Telč has always been an attractive tourist destination. However, in different periods of the history of Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic, how the city was presented as an attraction differed. In our presentation, we would like to focus primarily on the two periods: The era of communist “normalization” (1968-1989) and on two decades after the 1989 revolution. We identify the leading players who played a role in the city’s promotion process. Besides the municipality, it is primarily a summer music festival. We will also be interested in how the ways of promotion differed during the Communist period and after 1989. Which topics remain the same, which have disappeared, and which remain? What role did the UNESCO protection of the city play in promoting the town at the beginning of the 90s? The presentation will be based on in-depth interviews with witnesses conducted during the field survey in Telč and analysis of the period materials as are the tourist guides, leaflets, journals and others.
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