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Vom Stadt-Land-Dualismus zum nivellierten „Zwischenmilieu“ - Kontinuität und Wandel pädagogischer Welten in österreichischen Erstlesebüchern vor dem Hintergrund gesellschaftlicher Modernisierung, 1945-1965

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Rok publikování 2022
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

Popis In this paper, I compare the reading primers published in Austria between 1945 and 1965, regarding the physical and social environments they depicture as well as their (implicit) societal models, corresponding educational ideas and sets of values. The first reading primers that appeared in Austria after 1945 were dedicated either to rural or to urban schools and depicted distinct rural or distinct urban environments accordingly. I will investigate both, how the reading primers changed over time and how reading primers for urban schools differed from those for rural schools. Societal models, educational ideas and sets of values corresponded to the reading primers’ orientation to rural or urban environments, and they changed over time. However, the idea of designing reading primers either for rural or for urban environments as a whole lost significance over the time span investigated. In this respect, the history of Austrian reading primers between 1945 and 1965, also can be recounted as a history of the difference between urban and rural gradually vanishing as a category in pedagogy. I will discuss three factors that influenced the reading primers investigated: (1) Changes in the real lifeworld called for adaptions in the reading primers. (2) The reading primers followed a specific pedagogic agenda. As a result, specific lifeworlds were enacted as eligible. (3) The practical constraints of schoolbook production allowed to incorporate changes only at certain points in time, and had a retarding effect at other points.
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