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Impacts of COVID-19 on organisational change and digitalization within the selected national agency



Rok publikování 2023
Druh Poskytovatelem realizované výsledky
Popis This study is based on semi-structured interviews with six employees (one top-level manager, four middle level managers and one public servant). The data gathered is analysed and presented based on a predefined case study report template, which aims to secure solid grounds for the comparative analysis of the results across national contexts (the Slovenian and Czech) and different types of state administration organisations. The report is consisted of two key sections. The first (section A) contains four chapters scanning the situation within the organisation within the 5 organisational elements: structure, technology, people, processes and culture. Precisely, in the first chapter A.1 we discuss the key organisational features of agency before the Covid-19 crisis. Then, in chapter A.2 we present the main problems faced by the organisation and the mitigation measures adopted during the acute Covid-19 crisis. In addition, chapter A.3. identifies the (initial input for) organisational changes and their manifestation within all five organisational elements. Eventually in chapter A.4 we analyse the impact of the measures and organisational changes in terms of their long-term or ‘ephemeral’ nature. In the section B, we analyse the data presented in section A, through the prism of the detailed attributes of the Nograšek and Vintar model. We, first, analyse the depth of the organisational changes, and, than, their nature according to the attributes featuring each of the model elements. In the conclusion, we summarise the key factors that contributed to the resilience of the organisation to successfully survive the crisis (and thus avoid organisational transformation).
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