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Data Preparation for User Profiling from Traffic Log

Název česky Příprava dat pro profilování


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Konference Proceedings of The International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems, and Technologies (SECURWARE 2007)
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Obor Informatika
Klíčová slova user profiling; data mining; traffic log; privacy protection; user profiles
Popis User profiling is a technique that services use to provide customizable content to their users. These services operate with a user profile that reflects users' behaviour in the past. Profiling gives us some evidence about users' behaviour (information about their interests and social background). Instead of requiring users to state their interests, a service could learn this information from users' past activities. The main question is how much private information can be derived from context information that is related to an individual. The second question is to what extent a behaviour pattern can be used to pinpoint an individual among others.