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Habitat preferences of invasive plant species in the floodplain of the lower Morava River, Czech Republic



Rok publikování 2006
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Neobiota-From Ecology to Conservation. Book of Abstracts
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Přírodovědecká fakulta

Obor Botanika
Popis River corridors and their surroundings play an important role in spreading of alien plants. Riparian habitats belong to the most invaded parts of the landscape of the Czech Republic. To understand the difference in invasion processes within and outside river corridors, more detailed studies of invasibility of particular habitats and and invasiveness of particular plant species in river floodplains are needed. A segment of the Morava river valley in southern Moravia (SE Czech Republic) was chosen as a model riparian system. Eight types of habitats classified according to the Habitat Catalogue of the Czech republic were used to identify main habitats in the floodplain. The representation of alien plant species with particular focus on the subset of invasive species was evaluated. Relevés of selected habitats contained 15.0 % of archaeophytes, 9.9 % of neophytes and the rest were native species. The highest numbers of archaeophytes were recorded in herbaceous ruderal vegetation and mesic Arrhenatherum meadows. Neophytes were common in willow-poplar forests and in clearings with an undergrowth of the original forest or with nitrophilous vegetation. Proportion of alien species in alluvial vegetation according to their life history and origin was also assessed. A positive correlation between numbers of archaeophytes and native species was found in the analysis of relevés across all habitats. Invasive species were highly represented in habitats of willow-poplar forests and herbaceous ruderal vegetation. The most successful invaders (measured by their frequency and cover in the habitats) were Acer negundo in plantations of non-native trees and Solidago gigantea in herbaceous ruderal vegetation (both of these species are neophytes). There was a significant relationship between the number of invasive species in small plots of 16 m2 on the one hand and the numbers of invasive species or the number of habitat types in the surroundings on the other hand.
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