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“Cultural turn” in urban theory and urban policy – the impacts of theory on urban life



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Popis The image and identity of a city is composed of the representations formed historically and by everyday life of its inhabitants and visitors, but also intentionally constructed by municipalities and local governors. In the last decades of the 20th century, the latter have reacted to the changes in the economic and political situation and searched for new ways of governing cities. To a great extent, they have taken into consideration the cultural life specific for urban environment and developed strategies of culturally-led development and regeneration of cities. This has been partly inspired by approaches to studying urban life that are designated as representing “cultural turn” in urban theory. However, the outcomes of the application of theoretical concepts and ideas “translated” to the strategies of governance have later been criticized. The paper focuses on changes of cities in the last decades, considering as “context”, in which these changes occur and to which they react, the economic and political shifts, but also the urban theory as having mediated, but still important impact on urban life.
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