Student Life

Do you have no idea where you can stay or have a nice meal in Brno? Are you desperate how to get to Brno and further how to transfer inside the city? Are you interested in student activities off the studies? Are you more culture oriented or sport oriented? Do you know yet where you can find a fast internet connection? All these questions and plenty of other questions might be answered in the following lines. It is up to you what you prefer!

Student clubs and activities

A wide range of development opportunities beyond the studies is one of the things which Masaryk University excels in. There are a lot of associations and student organizations at Masaryk University. And you, students of Masaryk University, will have an opportunity to become their active members or just participate in events organized by them.

Sport activities (Czech only)

Masaryk University is very proactive relating to sport activities and except compulsory physical training it offers a range of voluntary sport activities which take place in several sport fields around Brno or in modern sport halls in campus. Thanks to that you may have an opportunity to try also unusual and trendy sport activities such as bouldering, systema, capoiera and many others.

Culture, entertainment and leisure time (Czech only)

Don´t you like lounging on the sofa and you rather want to enjoy yourself? Or you just need a break from studying? Brno is not only a city full of students but also (and maybe owing to that) it is a city of culture. Concerts, galleries, music clubs of various genres, museums, festivals, cinemas... The choice is truly wide. As we know that sometimes it is difficult to get the information we will be bringing you the most important events in one place.