Cost of living

Brno offers a high quality of life for a quite nice price. The cost of living is very low in the Czech Republic compared to other EU countries, and you will be able to live very comfortably without spending large sums. How much money will you actually need during your studies at MU? This indeed mainly depends on your spending habits. However, approx. costs that may help you budget for your life here are below:

Basic Living Costs:

Bed at the University residence with roommates: 1800 CZK to 3100 CZK per bedroom
Apartment with roommates: 2000 CZK to 8500 CZK per bedroom
Monthly transportation pass: 265 CZK (for students of or under the age of 26 y/o), 530 CZK (for students older than 26 y/o)
Groceries for a month: 2400 CZK to 3200 CZK

Other Living Costs:

Beer at a bar or restaurant: 20 CZK to 30 CZK
Wine at a bar or restaurant: 35 CZK to 60 CZK
Eating out: 80 CZK to 350 CZK for a meal and a drink
Club cover charges: 100 CZK - 200 CZK, some have free entry for women.