Visas and travel information

Students from EU countries

Students from the EU (plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) are exempt from student visa requirements.

Students from countries outside the EU

Once you have been accepted for studies at Masaryk University, you will have to turn to the local Czech embassy or consulate: the Czech Republic, like most other countries, requires foreign students studying in the country to have a student visa. Possession of a student visa is a condition for studying at Masaryk University.

This means ploughing through a certain amount of paperwork, but in fact the procedure described below sounds more complicated than it is in reality. The whole procedure for obtaining a student visa can take up to 60 days. Make sure that you ask for your visa soon enough to receive it before your departure.

The regulations for obtaining visas change from time to time. In addition, embassies in individual countries are given a certain leeway in applying them. This means that the regulations listed here should be considered guidelines only. You should consult your local Czech embassy / consulate for the latest information regarding visa requirements, and the particular local requirements that are in force. Detailed information concerning Visa process is available e.g. at the link to a new windowMinistry of Interior of the Czech Republic web pages.

A) Applications filed at a Czech Embassy/Consulate General

A student who plans on carrying out studies in the Czech Republic has to file the long-term visa/the long-term residence permit at the Czech Embassy/Consulate General abroad. These applications cannot be filed in the Czech Republic.

A foreign national located outside of the Czech Republic who intends to study in the Czech Republic for a period shorter than 3 months applies at a relevant embassy for a short-term visa for the purpose of studies, that is if a student has a link to a new windowvisa requirement for stays of up to 3 months in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 539/2001. Foreign nationals, who do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic/Schengen area, do not have to apply for a visa for the purposes of studies shorter than 3 months.

B) Applications filed inside the Czech Republic

Applications filed inside the Czech Republic apply only for students who already reside in the Czech Republic and plan on continuing with their studies in the Czech Republic.

  • An application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies (following up on a long-term visa granted in accordance with § 30, or an application for its extension), can be filed by a foreign national in the Czech Republic if a student resides in the Czech Republic on the basis of a long-term visa granted in accordance with § 30, and if a student intends to reside in the Czech Republic for a period longer than the validity of the current visa and a student intends to reside in the Czech Republic for the same purpose.

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