Studies for international students

Masaryk University is open to international students who want quality education for their future career. The requirements of contemporary knowledge societies emphasizing high expertise and specialized training, but also universality and flexibility are not easy to meet at once. For all who seek profound academic training with strong research background with superb facilities for study and work, Masaryk University in Brno city, Czech Republic, can be an excellent choice. Select in the left menu or click here if you can find more information about:

Why Masaryk University?

Masaryk University is an institution that connects tradition with modern development. Founded 28 January 1919 as the second Czech university just after the creation of the independent Czech Republic, it has become the Alma mater of 134,000 alumni, the first of whom completed their studies in 1922. At present, Masaryk University is one of the fastest growing and most sought-after universities in Central Europe, unique in its linking of outstanding research and teaching. It is composed of 9 faculties with more than 200 departments, and educates 43,300 students in a wide variety of degree programs (over 1,200 fields of study currently on offer).

Studies at Masaryk University are truly international. 10% of its degree students come from abroad, and there are hundreds of exchange students coming from around the world each year. As a first university in the Czech Republic, Masaryk University introduced a structured three-cycle curriculum based on a credit system compatible with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The primary language of teaching is Czech, and the university has a centre where you can study the language. However, several faculties open degree programs in English, and even more courses are offered in English or other world languages – some of them taught by visiting professors. An indispensable part of the curricula is a study stay abroad. Almost 1,000 students travel abroad each year within various exchange programs or through bilateral partner agreements the university has established worldwide.

Success in study and research is fostered by good facilities. Masaryk University offers nine modern faculty libraries with plenty of books in English, digitalized catalogue systems and electronic sources, there are PC rooms open for students (the central PC room open 24/7) and wifi connection launched in most of the university buildings. Students working on special projects can use well-equipped studios or laboratories.

Accommodation is provided for all who need it - international students usually live in a modern university residence that offers double rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom and kitchenette. Frequent and inexpensive public transport puts the university's faculties within easy reach. Besides, there are numerous offers of private housing that suit to every taste. One can never starve during your studies too: 3 canteens and 8 cafeterias offering warm lunches and dinners, and there are also university pizzerias and restaurants.

Equally important is the extracurricular life of students. They can exercise and practice various sports in gymnasiums, sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, the university has a singing choir and numerous student associations involved in a range of activities from theatre playing to political debates.

Brno, the capital of the Czech province of Moravia, is an ideal base for people wishing to study in Central Europe. The second largest city in the Czech Republic (pop. 400,000), it is large enough to possess all the benefits of a major European centre, but small enough to retain its cosiness and charm. It is home to six universities and over 75,000 students. The city's historical centre echoes that of Vienna, complete with cobblestone pedestrian zones and fascinating architecture spanning the whole period from the Middle Ages to the present day. Thanks to its strategic location at the heart of Central Europe, major regional centres such as Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, and Krakow, are within easy reach by train and bus. In the immediate vicinity of Brno, the Moravian highlands to the north and west offer outstanding opportunities for hiking, bicycling and skiing. Southeast of Brno is the Czech Republic's main wine-producing region, with its many ancient cellars, now linked by a new network of ecology-friendly bicycle trails. The vibrant night-life of the city also contributes to its reputation as the city of students.

A university reputation is judged by the satisfaction of and relation to its graduates. Masaryk University conducts annual surveys among the alumni and keeps the mutual connection alive. The graduates report good prospects at the labour market (low unemployment) and high satisfaction in their professional career. Alumni association organizes events and meetings for all active members.