Czech language courses

Masaryk University provides long-term as well as short-term courses for beginners and advanced students alike, some taught by professionals and some by students like yourself. Look through the courses below and choose one that best matches your learning style and preferences.

Preparatory courses for students who want to study in Czech

The one-year-long preparatory course is designed specifically for students seeking enrolment into a university degree programme taught in Czech. This course will help you develop your Czech language skills and/or improve your existing knowledge of the language to enable you to pass the entrance exams and pursue the degree of your choice at Masaryk University. In addition to improving your level of Czech, this course will also provide you with a better understanding of Czech society and culture.

Informal courses of Czech language

Courses organized by the Masaryk University Language Centre

The Language Centre offers a number of courses for students at different fluency and knowledge levels. Some are designed with everyday communication skills in mind while others are specifically tailored to help you eventually enrol in studies taught fully in Czech.

Courses organized by the Department of Czech for Foreigners at the Faculty of Arts

You can choose from a range of courses, summer schools and seminars as well as from a wide range of difficulty levels.

Courses organized by the Faculty of Medicine

A two-week-long intensive course provides international first-year students admitted to the Faculty of Medicine with an introduction to the Czech language, its grammar and everyday conversation.

Informal Czech courses organized by the ESN MUNI Brno

Language courses organized by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN MUNI Brno) for its members are always free of charge and are taught by students like you. You may choose from a range of languages or even become a teacher yourself.

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