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Quality research requires a great deal of time and effort from the people involved. Science at MU is complex, varied, and cutting-edge. Scientists through their research continue to expand society-wide knowledge.

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Event Calendar

September 2020
Ph.D. Day (ENG)
Info day for fresh PhD students and senior Master students.

More information & registration soon.

2. 9.
Meeting of representatives of grant agencies involved in international R&D projects.

More information & registration here.

13.–15. 10.
Save the Date: GRANTS WEEK
Grants Week aims to support researchers, PhD students and research support staff to get ready for Horizon Europe.

More information & registration soon.

Other Events

Lectures by Excellent Scientists

Masaryk University invites to Brno recognized speakers from abroad to present and to discuss current issues, trends, and challenges in science.

MUNI Seminar Series


Research News from Masaryk University in 280 characters. Who published a new article, has a scientific achievement, has organized a major event or contributed to the development of his field? Follow our MUNI Science twitter account for the latest research news and interesting facts from Masaryk University and find out what our scientists are currently working on.

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