Tuition fees and financial aid

A university degree is one of the most valuable investments you can make on your way to a promising career and future. Masaryk University provides excellent education in the form of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes taught both in English and in Czech.

Tuition fees for degree programmes taught in English

Tuition fees are paid per academic year and vary depending on the faculty and the degree programme.​

Faculty of Medicine 380,000 CZK (General Medicine)
400,000 CZK (Dentistry)

Tuition fees at the Faculty of Medicine are paid in CZK. Prices in EUR may differ slightly depending on the current exchange rate.
Faculty of Science 3,000 EUR
4,500 EUR (Geography of Global Environmental Change)
14,000 EUR (programme Data Analytics)
Faculty of Arts 2,500 EUR
Faculty of Education 2,400 EUR
Faculty of Pharmacy
7,000 EUR
Faculty of Economics and Administration 3,500 EUR
Faculty of Informatics 3,000 EUR
Faculty of Social Studies 3,000 EUR 

Paying tuition fees online: International students outside of EU who wish to pay tuition fees in euros or in their local currency can use the GlobalPay for Students Platform (GPfS). The GPfS platform allows students to pay fees via bank transfer, credit card, or by using local online payment options and more without incurring any international transactions charges.

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Programmes taught in Czech

Whereas students in programmes taught in English are charged very affordable fees, programmes taught in Czech are completely tuition free, but a serious working knowledge of Czech is required.

If you are interested in studying in Czech or would like to improve your command of the language, you might consider registering in a preliminary language course one year prior to your enrolment at Masaryk University. This intensive course will help you prepare for studying one of the 300 fields of study taught in Czech.

Financial aid

1. Newcomers' scholarship

Masaryk University opened in 2021 a new scholarship programme providing financial support of 100,000 CZK (circa 4,000 EUR) to students from countries chosen according to the international marketing strategy of MU.The new scholarship fund is designed to help students with outstanding academic performance cover their first year of studies at Masaryk University and help them transition to life in a different country. Please find more details about the scholarship programme here.

2. Scholarships programmes for students from Ukraine

In response to the alarming situation in Ukraine, Masaryk University (MU) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports launched scholarship programmes for students from Ukraine. Please find more details about the scholarship programme here.

3. Compatriot scholarship

The Compatriots‘ scholarship fund is designed to help and encourage students to study in their ancestors' country. Masaryk University offers financial support of 100,000 CZK (circa 4,100 EUR) per year to students with Czech roots or with Czech ancestors newly enrolled in bachelor's and master's full-time programmes.

4. Grant in support of accommodation

Masaryk University provides a financial grant to help students offset their accommodation costs. It is awarded each semester to students who meet all the required criteria.

Read through the criteria below to see if you qualify:

  • You are enrolled in a full-time degree programme
  • You are enrolled in a degree programme which is your first degree programme at any university in the Czech Republic with the exception of being enrolled in your first follow-up Master’s degree programme (relevant to graduates of Bachelor’s degree programmes) or your first doctoral degree programme (relevant to graduates of Master’s degree programmes); furthermore, studies in degree programmes which you may have enrolled in and completed between May 1 and October 30 of one calendar year are not taken into account.
  • You have not exceeded the standard length of studies in any of the degree programmes in which you are concurrently enrolled.
  • You do not have a permanent address within the Statutory City of Brno (Brno City district).

If you fulfil all the above criteria, you can submit an application electronically through our Information System any time in November for the fall semester and in April for the spring semester.

For more information, please contact the Office for International Relations at your faculty.

5. Scholarships provided by individual faculties

Apart from the Accommodation grant provided by Masaryk University, you can apply for other financial aid organised specifically by your faculty.

6. Government scholarship

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships designed for university students or graduates and Ph.D. candidates from other countries who wish to accomplish a study or research stay at one of the higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

For more information about the scholarship, please visit the Ministry website.

7. Federal student aid for students from the USA

Masaryk University is eligible to certify loan applications for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and is open to accept US students.

It is possible to apply for Federal Student Aid (FSA) in all study programs offered by Masaryk University except joint degree programmes, lifelong learning programmes and Nursing study programme. Please note MU is only certified for Federal Direct Loan program and, therefore does not offer other types of FSA including Federal Pell Grants. For more information please visit and our webpage on

8. Erasmus+ Master loans

9. International Visegrad Fund

10. Scholarships within international mobility programmes

If you are an Exchange student and plan on staying at Masaryk University for just a short period, you might be able to qualify for the financial support provided by a specific exchange programme. To see the whole selection, please visit our Centre for International Office website.

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