Masaryk summer & winter schools in the heart of Europe

Earn credits during your academic breaks with one of Masaryk University’s numerous summer and winter schools focusing on human rights, security, languages, science, media, culture, literature, and sociology.


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Why Masaryk summer schools?

Get to know Europe

Get to know Europe

Many of our summer school programmes take the experience outside of Brno and bring students around Central Europe through visits to the neighboring countries, city tours, tasting of the local products and music, and more!

Excellent academic and social program

Excellent academic and social program

Programmes are taught by enthusiastic teachers, who are experts in their field. Learning is extended outside of the classroom through cultural, social and academic visits.

Vivid social life

Vivid social life

Get to know Brno with the help of Czech students through daily social and cultural activities. 24/7 professional support is provided by full time staff.

Get credits!

Get credits!

It's not all fun and games, students also get academic credit for these summer schools - though that means there is some work!

Meet experienced professionals

Meet experienced professionals

Each programme brings in experts from the field, in addition to the professors, for students learn through conversations with journalists, security advisors, members of the court, and more!

Make your CV more interesting

Make your CV more interesting

Gain skills like problem solving, intercultural communication, independency, and more. The summer schools are designed to help students grow not just academically, but also personally!

Choose from our summer & winter programmes:

Summer and winter schools are full experience programmes, combine academic, culture, and social activities
Online and 10 day or less courses are only academic focused, meaning there is not additional programming provided.

Summer schools

These programmes include academic classes, local cultural and social programming, and excursions to neighboring capital cities.

2-4 week courses with excursions:

Summer internships:

Intensive Summer School: Choose from 10+ Courses
set of 2-week courses with an excursions to Vienna or Prague


Online summer schools

This online course include academic classes and virtual site visits.

Summer 2022:

Winter Schools (2023)

These programmes include academic classes, local cultural and social programming, and excursions to neighbouring capital cities.

Students experience

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What is the difference between programmes and classes?

There are two opportunities available to students to study with us during the summer and winter periods. The first are summer/winter school programmes which offer comprehensive programs to students and include not just academic courses, but also site visits, excursions to neighboring capital cities (Prague, Budapest, Vienna, etc.) and daily social and cultural activities organized through local assistants. 

On the other hand, summer/winter school classes are only the academic course, and no other programing. They also are shorter than the other programmes that are organized. 

How can I apply?

Application instructions for each individual programme are available on the individual page of the programme. If you have any questions, you can email us at

What is your policy regarding COVID-19?

MUNI 2023 Covid-19 Guarantee:

Masaryk University wants to provide as much assurance to the safety and health to our participants and teachers as possible. Our summer and winter schools by nature require students to be in close contact (traveling as a group, classes, social activities, and living together), as such there is no way to mitigate all risks, below are the policies for Masaryk University Summer and Winter Schools.

  • Students who test positive with Covid-19 and send us proof within 2 weeks of the start programme will receive a 90% refund.
  • Full payment for the programmes are required 30 days prior to the start of the programme (this is to provide students as much flexibility as possible).
  • No refunds for cancellation within 30 days of the start of the programme, except for proof of Covid-19 as mentioned above.
  • If Masaryk University is required to cancel the programme for any reason prior to the start of the programme, a full refund will be provided.
  • If an excursion (Prague, Vienna, Budapest, etc.) needs to be cancelled due Covid-19 related issues and a substitute cannot be provided to students, then a refund of up to €300 will be provided to each student.
  • Vaccination: Students participating on Summer and Winter schools organized by the Centre for International Cooperation are required to be vaccinated with a vaccination recognized by the Czech government. Recognized vaccination certificates can be found here. When in doubt please email us at This will ensure students are able to fully participate in the academic, culture, and social activities. If possible, students should have received a booster shot. Prior to the start of the programme MU will inform students of all entry requirements. Students who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons should provide documentation and communicate with the summer school organizers.
  • As per Czech law, any student who becomes positive for Covid-19 will be put into a quarantine. Masaryk University will cover the cost for 1 Covid-19 test for all students in contact. If the quarantine lasts longer than the programme dates, MU will help the student find accommodation, however the costs for all accommodation after the end of the programme are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students will be required to purchase trip protection insurance that will cover the cost of accommodation and change in travel IF they become sick past the duration of the programme. MU will help students secure accommodation if required after the dates of the programme, however the student is responsible for all costs.

Can anyone apply?

Yes, we accept students from all around the world, and prior experience in the theme of the course is not always required however interest must be explained (i.e. we are happy to consider applications from engineering students for an international relations course). In their application, applicants should explain why they are interested in the course and how they think they can add to the discussion.

Students must be 18+.

Do you offer scholarships?

The majority of our programs offers a €500 discount to students from partner universities (for in person programs) and a €100 discount to students from partner universities (for online programs).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

How hard are the classes?

These programmes are designed for students that a) willing to spend time studying and learning and b) want to see Europe. We strive to find a balance between the two, however students should not expect a vacation, and will have to set aside time to study.

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