Masaryk University International Scientific Advisory Board

The Masaryk University International Scientific Advisory Board is an independent body composed of four internationally recognized scientists tasked with helping the university develop scientific strategies and providing independent assessment and advice on a range of science-related issues. The board meets once a year.

Board members

Board members include professor Josef Jiřičný of the University of Zurich, professor Peter Williamson of the University of Cambridge, professor Thomas A. Henzinger of the Austrian Institute for Science and Technology and Professor Marie-Janine Calic of the University of Munich. Mary O´Connell, a molecular biologist active at MU since 2014 as part of the ERA Chair programme, functions as the advisory board's coordinator.

Josef Jiřičný was elected board chair at the 2016 board meeting.

Josef Jiřičný

Director and founder of the Institute of Molecular Cancer Research at the University of Zurich

Graduate of the Aston University in Birmingham and the University of London. Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization and Academia Europaea. His research focus includes the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair in human cells, specifically with respect to colorectal carcinoma.

Peter Williamson

Director of management studies at the Cambridge Judge Business School

His extensive experience includes areas such as management research, counselling and education; he has also been active as a consultant in a number of companies. His research focus includes, among other areas, globalization and its implications for corporate strategies, strategies for success in China and the internationalization of Chinese enterprises and their global impact.

Marie-Janine Calic

German historian specializing in East European and South-East European history

Active at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, currently the thirtieth best university in the world and the number one in Germany. Her research focuses on the conflicts, economics and social history of South-East Europe and its ethnic minorities. She has also worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Viktor Kunčak

Associate Professor at EPFL specializing in information technologies and machine learning

Since 2007 he has been working as an associate professor at EPFL, where he runs a laboratory focusing on automatic reasoning and analysis in the field of information technology. His research focuses on languages, algorithms and systems of verification and automatic reasoning. In 2012, he received a prestigious ERC grant.

Mary O’Connell

Renowned molecular biologist from Ireland

Holder of a doctoral degree in Molecular Biology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA. Since 2014 active as ERA Chair at MU and leader of a CEITEC research group focusing on the issue of hereditary information and its modification in connection with immunity. Member of the prestigious European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) since 2017.

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