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Masaryk University opened in 2021 the new scholarship programme providing the financial support of 100,000 CZK (circa € 3,800) to students enrolled in full-time English taught programmes from developing countries or countries that are undergoing economic transformation. The new scholarship fund is designed to help the students of a very good academic performance to cover their first year of studies at Masaryk University.

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Participation conditions

  • Applicants for the scholarship must be accepted into a full-time study programme taught in English at MU or be in the process of application
  • The scholarship is awarded only to students enrolled in programmes taught in English
  • Students at all levels may apply for this scholarship (BA, MA or PhD)
  • The applicant must be a citizen of a developing country or a country going through economic and political transformation (the classification of countries by the OECD is used to assess this condition).
  • Applicants may submit only one application for this type of scholarship.

Financial conditions

  • The scholarship provides 100,000 CZK (circa € 3,800) per student.
  • The payment of the scholarship is made in two instalments. The first one comes after arrival at MU and the second at the end of the calendar year. However, the second payment is paid under the following conditions: the student must fulfil the study programme conditions and be still enrolled at MU at the time of the second payment:
    • The first payment should be paid within the first month after the start of the 1st semester (right after the student opens a bank account in the Czech Republic and uploads the account details into the IS).
    • The second payment is usually paid in the middle of December.
  • If the student successfully completes the first year of their studies and meets the conditions of their MU faculty, they will automatically be entitled to a merit scholarship. If the conditions are not met, the student loses entitlement to the merit scholarship but remains a student of MU.


The following information and documents are required in the online application:

  • Basic information about the applicant (name, address, contact details, etc.)
  • Information about upcoming studies at MU and the GPA from previous studies
  • Documents:
    • Cover letter disclosing your motivation and reasons for applying for this scholarship.
    • Transcript of records from previous studies with a visible GPA.
    • Proof of vulnerable situation (participant from socially, economically or other disadvantaged background)
    • Proof of excellence providing applicants’ extracurricular activities (relevant for the application)

Application deadline:

  • You can submit your application during this period: 1 November 2021–30 April 2022

Selection criteria

  • Correctly filled out application with all the documents
  • Confirmed enrolment at MU or submitted application
    • The scholarship is awarded on the condition of confirmed enrolment
  • Evaluation criteria
    • 40 points – GPA from previous studies
    • 20 points – confirmation of extra financial needs and proof that the applicant comes from a disadvantaged background or vulnerable group
    • 10 points – clear motivation for studying at MU and reasons for the scholarship allowance
    • Up to 15 points – extra activities (leadership activities, community service, special performances – honours graduation, special class rank, special talents, exemplary achievements, etc.)
    • Up to 15 points – level of study (5 points BA, 15 points MA and 10 points PhD)


Where should I submit my application?

The application must be submitted through the ISOIS system.

What is an UČO number?

An UČO number is a unique personal identification number for accessing MU information systems. You will obtain this unique number when you get admitted into a study program at Masaryk University.

How can I log into the ISOIS system?

The ISOIS system requires an UČO number – you will obtain this unique number when you get admitted into a study program at Masaryk University. However, you can register into the ISOIS prior to admittance by your e-mail account and apply this way.

What is a proof of vulnerable situation?

It can be any document proving your economical, health, social, or any other disadvantage. It may vary from person to person. Generally speaking, you may submit bank statements proving your dire economical situation, documents proving that you belong to an oppressed minority back in your country, that you are an asylum seeker, etc.

I finished my first year of studies, may I apply?

No, this scholarship is offered only to students who are in their freshman year (1st or 2nd semester).

I finished my first semester at MU, may I apply for this scholarship?

Yes, you can. If you are going to be in the second semester at the time of disbursement of the scholarship, you are eligible to apply.

My previous university does not provide GPA, what should I do?

If your university does not provide GPA, upload a Transcript of records with a visible grade average from your studies with an explanation of your local grading system. Ideally, try to convert your grade average to GPA if you can.

I am not sure if I am eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship is solely intended for citizens from developing countries as defined by the OECD. If you are not sure whether you come from a developing country, see this table.

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