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Výzkum a edukace sociálně znevýhodněných skupin (VY-S-O-S)

Project Identification
Project Period
1/2011 - 12/2011
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Masaryk University
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Education
Romani pupils, qualitative research, socially handicapped groups, interview

The project follows previous research activities in 2010 and covers partial research topics that are in fact also the topics of dissertation thesis of PhD students and at the same time the topic is the profile topic of the Department of Social Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education, MU. Contrary to the last year, the researchers focus on the analysis and interpretation of the data and also they work on the monograph preparation as a result of long term research. Children and adults influenced by social inclusion or lack the equal access to the education because of their sociocultural handicap (children of the migrating families, Romani pupils, youth cultural subgroups and groups affected by social pathology) are the core of the research. The project integrates partial topics and generates options for for scientific features of the phenomena and also serves as a platform for the team work of the PhD students and enables to create particular education strategies of the target groups.


One of the key outcomes (including presentations at conferences and individual texts in journals and conference anthologies), which is the completion of research activities of the research team is the monograph titled The Research and Education of Socially Disadvantaged Pupils. The monograph published by Paido publisher (2012) presents the results of the research team in the form of individual chapters. The research focuses on two target groups - the Roma pupils and the children of refugees. Each chapter contains the description of the research methodology, the data analysis, but also some recommendations for the educational practice.


Total number of publications: 17

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