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Randomness and Quantum Entanglement (RAQUEL)

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10/2013 - 9/2016
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European Union
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Faculty of Informatics
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University of Vienna
University of Latvia
Freie Universität Berlin
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Uniwersytet Gdański
ETH Zürich

Randomness has established itself as a vital building block of information processing
and represents an integral ingredient for practically any aspect in the field of information
processing and technology. The principal objective of this project will be to establish
and evaluate the role played by randomness in quantum information processing. We
propose to address the main difficulties that arise through the use of randomness, in particular,
1) the use of randomness as a theoretical tool to prove existence and properties
of information processing applications; 2) the design of novel quantum information processing
applications that exploit randomness; 3) the design and analysis of applications
that work with real-world (that is, non-uniform) randomness; 4) the construction of design
techniques that produce high-quality randomness, both from a computational and
adversarial perspective; and, finally, 5) the use of randomness to analyze and improve
the physical processes necessary for the design quantum communication and computation
The consortium (composed of 8 research teams) aims to unite the forces of EU expertise
in computer science, physics and mathematics to undertake a comprehensive study of
randomness and quantum information within their research portfolio. Many of the targeted
tasks combine the knowledge of partners. Hence, strong research interactions will
be necessary to successfully achieve the objectives of the project.


Total number of publications: 6