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High resolution stratigraphy of the Tournaisian-Visean boundary interval

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1/2008 - 12/2011
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
Tournaisian, Visean, stratigraphy, foraminifers, conodonts, sedimentology, gamma-ray spectrometry

Recently, a new definition of the Tournaisian-Visean boundary based on the first appearance of Eoparastaffella simplex in the lineage from Eoparastaffella ovalis group was approved, and the Pengchong section (Guangxi, Southern China) has been proposed as a candidate for a new GSSP. The project is aimed at the study of evolutionary trends within this lineage and the study of further foraminiferal taxa which may contribute to a more precise interregional correlations in the Tournaisian-Visean boundary interval. Starting point of the study will be sections in Mokrá near Brno (Czech Republic) where study of conodonts and sedimentology (microfacies, sequence stratigraphy, gamm-ray spectrometry) will be carried out along with the study of rich foraminiferal fauna. The similar studies will be performed in different parts of the Paleotethyan Realm (stratotype Pengchong and other sections in southern China, sections in Belgium, Ireland and England). These studies will result in a high resolution stratigraphy of the latest Tournaisian and lowermost Visean and in a better interregional correlation of this interval.


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