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Advanced carbon@MOF composites for gas storage and separation (COMPSTORE)

Project Identification
Project Period
4/2017 - 3/2020
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
South-Moravian Region
MU Faculty or unit
Central European Institute of Technology

Importance of energy storage and deployment of renewable energy usage become vital with increasing fossil-fuel consumption and rather limited natural resources. Therefore, it is critical and urgently needed to design novel materials for energy storage in various applications. In this research proposal, low-temperature techniques will be used to synthesize advanced nanomaterials including i) carbonaceous nanostructures (CNs), ii) metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and iii) sophisticated CN@MOF composites. For the first two classes of advanced materials, the main effort and goal of COMPSTORE project is to develop methods for more facile and environment-friendly synthetic approaches. The third part of this project is devoted to combining the carbon nanomaterials and the metal-organic frameworks to improve applications and suppress disadvantages of individual components in energy storage. In silico approaches will be used for designing novel composite materials which will subsequently be developed experimentally. Theoretical methods will also be used to describe and understand the gas-binding processes at molecular level. The COMPSTORE project is designed to combine experimental and computational aspects for developing the advanced nanomaterials beyond the state-of-the-art in energy storage and gas separation.


Total number of publications: 6

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