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Výplně zhotovené pomocí nových technologií v rámci výuky Konzervačního zubního lékařství (AMALGAM)

Project Identification
Project Period
1/2017 - 12/2017
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Masaryk University
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Medicine

Project will innovate work of students in 3rd, 4th and 5th year in Restorative dentistry in subjects Dental caries treatment, endodontics I, Endodontics II, Aesthetics and Dental crown reconstruction. Durring the practice will students do filling from different types of amalgams and glassionomer cements. For preparing of the materials they will use machines for mixing materials in capsules as amalgam and glassionomer cement. The object of the project is innovation of practical skills and knowledges of the students.


Students got practical skills in manipulation with mixing machines for materials in capsules durring practice in subjects: Dental caries treatment - ZLKZ051c and aZLKZ051c, Endodontics I pracitice - ZLED061c and aZLED061c, Endodontics II pracitice - ZLED0811c and aZLED0811c, Aesthetics practice - ZLES0711c and aZLES0711c and Dental crown reconstruction practice - ZLRK0811c and a ZLRK0811c. Students learned how to work with the materials prepared with this machines and how to make better fillings with this materials. Knowledges got durring the practice will be used in other branches of dentistry.

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