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Mechanical properties of nano-silver – copper solder joints

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Year of publication 2013
Type Conference abstract
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Central European Institute of Technology

Description Toxic aspects of lead limit the use of traditional lead-based solders and stimulate the development of new, lead-free joining materials for microelectronics [1]. The emergence of silicon carbide-based electronic devices, operating at high temperatures, has initiated the investigation of alternative, high-melting-point joining materials and novel soldering approaches [2]. Nanoscale silver pastes are promising joining materials due to their low sintering temperature [3]. These materials can be used for soldering at temperatures below 300 stC without the need of an externally applied pressure. Once sintered, the silver joints have a high thermal and electrical conductivity and a high melting point of bulk silver. In the present work, the shear strength and fracture surface morphology of nano-silver-copper joints have been investigated. The silver nanoparticles were prepared by a controlled thermal decomposition of silver bis(dodecylamin)nitrate in argon. The prepared nanoparticles were spherical, with a uniform particle size distribution and an average particle size diameter of 8.5 nm. The copper-nano-silver solder joints were prepared by placing a small amount of nano-silver paste between two polished copper plates. The samples were sintered at 200 – 350 stC. Different external pressures were applied during sintering and their effects on the shear strength were investigated. The lap-shear test was performed at room temperature by imposing a uniform stress across the sample bond area and measuring the corresponding strain. The highest shear strength was observed for samples sintered at 220 stC. The external pressure, applied during sintering, was found to have a positive effect on both the materials shear strength and Young modulus. The results are compared to previously published studies of different nano-Ag pastes.
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