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Memex as the Foundational Stone of the Hypertext Theory



Year of publication 2014
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Description In this paper I present the results from the first chapter of my dissertation, called Hypertext as a Metaphor for the Scientific Mind. The chapter is about a Memex (refer to a memory extension): the never functional, but for hypertext theory and practice very inspirational medium of scientific work with information, modelled by Bush (1945). I present it from the point of view of the theory of science from three angles of view: As the model developing the metaphor of .e.g. scientific mind, as the major inspiration for the creators of the functional digital hypertext (digital text with hyperlinks) and as the base of hypertext theory (understood as scientific area of interest with quite short history). The evolving of the hypertext from the metaphor I present on a practical example using (according to Lawler) an analysis of metaphorical themes abstracted from Bushs texts about the Memex. I focus on the interaction between two metaphorical elements in the metaphorical theme “the Memex is the scientists associative memory” referring to an interactive view of metaphor developed by Black. This paper outlines the beginning of the hypertext theory interpretation. I try to figure out in this paper how the metaphorical themes developed by Bush influence the forming of the hypertext theory.
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