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Title in English Effect of physical activity on body weight


Year of publication 2014
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Sports Studies

Description Physical activity is important for human health. Physical activity is involved in building and supporting of bone structure, muscles and joints and it helps to control body weight and to reduce the amount of body fat. In this thesis the influence of physical activity on body weight was observed. The survey was realised by questionnaire at four groups of population: clerks and students, firemen and soldiers. The results were processed by statistical methods (x-square) at a significance level of 0.05. Soldiers and firemen had the greatest physical activity in their job. Students had a physical activity as a part of their compulsory PE lessons and than they do sports in their free time. Clerks had the least physical activity – their job requires minimum of physical effort, so physical activity is only an optional exercise in their leisure time. It was found that 10 % of students were underweight, 14 % overweight (the others have normal body weight). There is no underweight at other groups, because there are more men in these groups and the people in these groups are older. In the group of clerks 10 per cent suffer from the 1st degree of obesity and 2 per cent of them suffer from the 2nd degree of obesity. In the group of firemen 18 per cent of them suffer from the 1st degree of obesity. The half of the group of soldiers is in normal range of BMI and the second half of them is overweight. From the BMI point of view there were statistically significant differences between questioned groups. The best BMI had students, because 76 % of them were in the normal weight category. There is the 2nd degree obesity was only found in the group of clerks. They also have a minimum of physical activity, 26 % of clerks even said they have never practised any physical activity. Lack of physical activity is the most serious cause of obesity of people with a sedentary lifestyle.
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