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Body Tambura – slibný nástroj pro celostní muzikoterapii

Title in English Body Tambura – promissing instrument for holistic music therapy


Year of publication 2014
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description Body Tambura is a special stringed musical instrument created with the aim to extend the possibilities of music therapy in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. The instrument was designed by the musical instrument manufacturer Bernhard Deutz in Berlin in 2004, based on the requirements of clinical psychologists for a new tool for music therapy of traumatized and chronically ill patients. The aim was to develop such an instrument that can be directly attached to the body of the recipient. Body Tambura consists of a wooden body and 28 strings (7 x 4), which are tuned according to traditional Indian Tamburas (A-d-d-D). The instrument is played by smooth touching all the strings using fingertips. Listening to music has a significant relaxing and/or energizing effect, which is amplified by muscle relaxation, especially when the instrument is put directly on the body of the client. Effects of Body Tambura are verified in clinical practice by C. Dietrich ( Deutz, Dietrich, 2005; Teut, Dietrich, et al ., 2014) which uses the instrument in the treatment of clients with PTSD, the chronically ill and dying patients, but also as a tool for inducing relaxation and meditative effects in healthy people during the process of their self-development and personal growth. In practical workshop the participants are acquainted with the Body Tambura and interested ones are offered to get a personal experience with the instrument.

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