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Environmentální organizace v ČR


BINKA Bohuslav

Year of publication 2015
Description Study aid Environmental organizations in the Czech Republic has three main objectives. The first is a probe into the history books of facts and two prominent Czech environmental movement – Hnutí Duha and Nesehnutí. This probe only gives some idea of the specificity of Czech environmental movement in comparison with the world, but also enables you to know and understand the formulas that are in the development of both movements emerged and emerging. The second objective is to attempt to identify the basic ideological source of two Czech environmental movement after 1989. In this part of our study aid will be the analysis of concepts, which significantly affected the main representatives (mover) selected green movement. Whether it's a combination of names such as E. Goldsmith, A. Naess, H. Librová or J. Keller with Hnutí Duha, or M. Bookchin, K. Warren and J. Keller with Nesehnutí, it is a link that explains several major watershed in the development of these movements and is therefore an important part of their self-understanding and understanding. By combining the objectives one and two at the same time we are indirectly responding to the question of whether or not are these two Czech selected movements radical environmental movement. Another indirect goal of the entire textbook is to arouse the interest not only of the Czech environmental movement and organization, but also the critical (or in older words analytical) thinking as a way of relating to the world. Ultimately, the point is not primarily about whether we think green, blue or red, but whether we can within our own concept of the world to find weaknesses and vice versa realize and appreciate the strong points of the concepts with which we internally disagree.