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NIST Statistical Test Suite – result interpretation and optimization


SÝS Marek ŘÍHA Zdeněk

Type Article in Proceedings
Conference SantaCrypt 2015
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Informatics

Field Informatics
Keywords NIST STS; randomness analysis; Sidak correction
Description In the cryptography, randomness is tested using battery of tests consisting of many tests of randomness each focusing on different feature. Probability that data produced by an good generator pass all the tests is small for a large number of used tests. Therefore results of many tests should be interpreted with the focus on this issue. The Sidak correction is a statistical method that can be used for evaluating multiple but independent tests. We analyzed accuracy of the Sidak correction since tests of randomness are usually correlated. We analyzed accuracy of the Sidak correction for NIST Statistical Test Suite. Results show that correlation of tests of randomness has small influence on accuracy of the Sidak correction. We also provide a speed-optimized version of NIST STS, which achieved test results even more than 30-times faster.
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