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Magnetic fabrics of the Brno Massif



Year of publication 2016
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description The Brno Massif is a cadomian structure on the eastern margin of Bohemian Massif. It has a north south elongated triangular shape which consists of two granodiorite areas separated by stripe of basic rocks. The basic rocks commonly called Metabasite zone are probably a relic of an ophiolite complex (Hanžl and Melichar, 1997). The rocks of Eastern granodiorite area are assumed as primitive volcanic arc granitoids and compared to that, the Western granodiorite area contains granitoids of active continental margin (Leichmann and Höck, 2008). To determine magnetic fabrics there was used anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility method. The magnetic foliations are striking NNE – SSW dipping to the WNW and magnetic lineations are developed in plane of orientation 300/80. Magnetic susceptibility of rocks varies from 2,08 × 10-5 to 1,16 × 10-1. The degree of anisotropy is between 1,005 and 1,416. The fabric is probably of deformational origin of variscan age.

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