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Economic relations Czechia - Germany; Limits of economic convergence – diverging economic interests


KRPEC Oldřich HODULÁK Vladan

Year of publication 2016
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Description The economic relations with Germany have for Czechia absolutely crucial importance. The intensity of integration of Czech and German economy is exceptional also in the context of deeply integrated European economy. Critical reflection of some important features of these economic relations, which is the subject of this chapter, represents polemics with their usual perception, most often based on neoliberal economic perspective (Hotopp, Radosevic, Bishop 2002; ECC 2009; Curran, Zignago 2009; Gill, Raiser 2012). According to our opinion, this perception settles for a high level of integration of the Czech and German economy and assumes realisation of the fundamental objective of the Czech economic policy – the fast convergence pace – to be a spontaneous consequence of high intensity of mutual economic relations. We reckon that during the past – as a consequence of dominance of neoliberal reflection of Czech-German relations – an insufficient attention was paid to a range of problems. This problematic issue is amplified by the fact that many traditional instruments for capturing of the character and level of economic relations between countries are totally misleading and insufficient for their analysis in the current integrated European and global economy. Further, it is exactly the present German model which basically corresponds with the neoliberal recommendations in the area of economic policy; thus the unregulated integration of Czech economy into the German core is considered as desirable. This section tries to contribute to the discussion on problematic dimensions and nature of the connection of the Czech economy to this core. Generally applies that those characteristics of mutual economic relations are considered as a problem in the case of which we have reasons to assume that they do not contribute to the economic convergence (and to the structure of German economy).

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