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Sousedská kina. Socio-kulturní rozměr provozu brněnských sokoloven ve 20. a 30. letech 20. století

Title in English Neighbour Cinemas. Socio-cultural Dimension of Sokol Gymasiums Running in Brno During 1920s and 1930s


Year of publication 2016
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description This text builds on the assumption that places labelled as cinema theatres, where only two or three screenings per week were organized, are not exactly proper cinemas. For the cinemagoers, they represented something completely different, namely places where “cinema theatre” was only one part of the presented programme. Subsequently, this paper focuses on the fact that irregular operation of the cinema theatre was characteristic for establishments outside the city centres, where the common practice of leasing the licence was not used, and which were thus run by local associations. As exemplified by the Brno quarter of Židenice and local associations of Orel, Sokol and the war-disabled people, the common practice of these organizations varied – each of them operated the cinema theatre with different intentions, motivation and thus in a different way. The members of Sokol preferred a very specific community operation mode for their venues. In Brno, they owned a licence for 21 cinema theatres, which were most often located in self-build Sokol gymnasiums and earned money for their additional activities (for instance purchase of the gymnastic apparati). The attitude of the cinema-goers visiting these “partial cinema theatres” was thus significantly modified by their attitude towards Sokol as well as their own participation in the organization. This example of Sokol’s practice of managing a cinema theatre supports the claim that to fully grasp the importance of the cinema theatre in the given area, it is necessary to reflect not only what films it screened, but also how often, in context of which other activities in the same hall, and what type of cinema-goers did it attract by this particular programme, its other activities and means of self-presentation.
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