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True bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of the Cerová vrchovina Upland in Slovakia – preliminary results


HEMALA Vladimír BALÁZS Attila

Year of publication 2019
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Faculty of Science

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Description The Cerová vrchovina Upland is situated at the southern part of the Central Slovakia near the Hungarian state border in the Nógrád (= Novohrad) and Gömör (= Gemer) historical regions from times of the former Greater Hungary (Horváth & Gaálová 2010). The oldest known records from the wide surroundings of the area came only as records for Gömör region (5 species) (Bartholomaeides 1805–1808) and for Losonc (= Lučenec) surroundings (41 species) (Malesevics 1892) without any exact locality. The first reliable records were record of Pantilius (Pantilius) tunicatus (Fabricius, 1781) and record of Europiella alpina (Reuter, 1875), both from Ajnácskő (= Hajnáčka) before 1897 (Horváth 1897). These records were followed by several records at the beginning of 20th century: Eurygaster maura (L., 1758) (Scutelleridae) from Fülek (= Fiľakovo) on 15.vii.1910 and Odontoscelis (Odontoscelis) fuliginosa (L., 1761) (Scutelleridae) from Serke (= Širkovce) on 26.vii.1917 (Halászfy 1955). They were followed by number of records from the near surroundings of 12 urban units (Belina, Chrámec, Fiľakovo, Gemerské Dechtáre, Gemerský Jablonec, Hajnáčka, Hostice, Petrovce, Šávoľ, Šíd, Šurice, Trebeľovce) in the following years (number of records in parentheses behind the year): before 1937 (1), in 1954 (3), 1966 (14), 1971 (1), 1987 (1), 1990–1991 (365), 1995 (1), 2000 (1), 2007 (1) and 2011 (1) (Balthasar 1937; Stehlík 1970; Hoberlandt 1977; Stehlík & Vavřínová 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995a,b, 1996, 1998a,b, 1999; Franc 1997; Roháčová 1999; Stehlík & Heiss 2001; Stehlík 2002; Kment et al. 2003, 2013). The most interesting species until now known from the area are Phyllomorpha laciniata (Villers, 1789) (Coreidae) (Franc 1997), Agramma (A.) atricapillum (Spinola, 1837) (Tingidae) (Kment et al. 2003, 2013), Aradus (A.) bimaculatus Reuter, 1872 (Aradidae) (Kment et al. 2013), Megalotomus junceus (Scopoli, 1763) (Alydidae) (Roháčová 1999) and Saldula xanthochila (Fieber, 1859) (Saldidae) (Hoberlandt 1977). Alltogether, 116 species of Heteroptera is known from the Cerová vrchovina Upland until now. In our post, we will present the preliminary results of our survey in the area.
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